Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my last post before we go live tomorrow (I feel that should have a fanfare) and I have an important announcement to make. Our building, Colin Campbell House… is female! Yes! A woman of a certain age! That initial phrase, “Combustion! Connection! Acceleration!” wasn’t a residual signal. Our tests have proven it to be the actual voice of the building. She is coming forward to meet us of her own volition, which bodes very well indeed. I wonder, should I buy her some flowers by way of an introduction?

So the big day approaches! And I am starting to experience the first tingles of nerves. Not because I’m worried about the decoding: I have absolute confidence in my team… but because I will be taking centre stage. I’m used to people observing me. My work’s often carried out in public spaces and almost inevitably I attract the idle curious. But next week, people will be a proper audience, participating by their observation. I have even been persuaded to wear a special outfit for the occasion (I drew the line at actual sequins). Could I possibly be feeling… stage-fright?? Gosh! Rachel assures me nerves are beneficial: they will sharpen my edge. But wish me luck! Or as thespians say, I think… hope that my legs break?

Meanwhile, technology! We have found the allusive connector and a suitable ‘input/ output’ to the building (an metal overflow pipe from a 1930’s watertank). Truculence the ground-station van has been linked up to the building and the comfort zone for the musicians has been fitted out. It’s rather swish: you have to wipe your feet before you go in. We’ve run tests with the decoding equipment, with the big screen and with the radio transmitters. We’re as ready as we can be. All we need now is the star of the show: Colin Campbell House herself!

We cannot predict what will happen on the night. We hope at the very least to make ‘foundation-level contact’ with the building: seeing and hearing her residual signals, signals from the past. If all goes well she will also see and hear us, perhaps even interact with us. If we attaint this level of contact, we’ll have a good chance of bringing her back into the present and re-connecting her with the city. Other outcomes may be a single transmission discharge… a release. The worse-case scenario: terminal shutdown. Whatever the outcome for this building, we hope you will be with us for this unique event. By bearing witness you will assist in the reconnection.

This is Mr Smith saying, Over and out! See you in Colin Campbell Court.